Over the years, I've gathered a considerable amount of footage from anything and everything that inspires me.

Collecting the footage whilst out and about with friends, or alone (often with my best bud, Lucas the dog) I enjoy arranging all these clips into short, experimental videos.

These videos often serve no other purpose than to stand as a reminder of beautiful locations I've visited, or memorable experiences that can now be relived time and time again.




From fast-paced music videos to contemplative video portraits, I have used Videography to capture the essence of many a subject - whether it be a person or place.

Specially crafted videos act as an incredibly effective tool in not only the delivery of information in a clear and concise way, but also in their shareability - leading to maximised public outreach.

If you have a story to tell or something awesome to promote that needs to be heard, then consider what an exclusively made video could do for you and your message.

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